The solution to tackle the hemodialysis site blockage

Clinical Problem

Chronic kidney disease is a serious and growing health problem affecting millions of patients worldwide.

Today 4.5M patients worldwide suffering of end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) require hemodialysis to replace their kidney function.

Hemodialysis is a long and very restrictive life-saving procedure performed 3 times a week.

To connect the patient to the machine, the best and safest approach is to create a vascular access

Vascular access is the connection between an artery and a vein realized by a surgeon as a arteriovenous fistula (AVF). This is the patient’s lifeline

In the first 6 months after surgery, more than 50% of these AVFs will suffer failure resulting in the blockage of the AVF.

At ArtemiX Biotech, we address this treatment gap.

Our Solution

ArtemiX provides a new generation, patented, long-acting gel administered directly on the AVF after the surgery, helping the AVF to mature (heal) and preventing the blockage of blood flow through the vein.

  • Unique Mode of Action

Once in place, the gel releases on the long term the active drug, inhibiting all stages of disease.

  • Compliance with human biology

Biodegradable formulation.

  • Very Simple to apply

Right after the arterio-venous surgery, the gel is very easily applied around the vessel by the surgeon without any added surgical procedure.

About Us

Artemix Biotech is an early clinical stage spin-off company of the University Hospital of Lausanne and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Geneva.

Our products are still under development and not available on the market.

Laurent Vinet


Nasreddine Kanfar

Scientific collaborator

Florence Delie


Francois Saucy


Olivier Jordan



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